Chandelier CAMPAGNOLA 24-flame silver Spells Out Elegance

A chandelier is a decorative lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling of a room. Chandeliers can be either classified as hanging or pendant and may come with one to 24 lights.

The CAMPAGNOLA collection by innovative Italian designer Michele De Lucchi includes two models of this beautiful light fixture- the CAMPAGNOLA 18-flame silver chandelier {Kronleuchter} and the more ornate CAMPAGNOLA 24-flame silver model.

Both are made out of solid brass with an antique patina finish that spells elegance in any space it occupies!

Modern and Elegant Design

This stellar piece of art from Kögl has been handmade in the Bavarian workshop of a family-owned company. Its modernist style can be perfectly combined with other pieces from our collection of luxury lamps at home.

The name CAMPAGNOLA refers to an Italian village whose inhabitants were known for their craftsmanship and creativity – just like Kögl’s skilled workers! The 24 arms bear graceful drops that are adorned with cutout patterns.

All components used to build this piece have been carefully selected by experts at Kögl: For instance, each lamp has three different silver finishes on its main body parts (nickel), while other areas such as candle covers or flame holders use gold plating techniques instead.

This kind of attention to detail is what makes every light from Kogl unique! In addition, our master artisans also add pearls around the rim of the candle covers.

The KöGL Chandelier CAMPAGNOLA 24-flame silver will definitely be noticed in any room and makes every interior design scheme look more sophisticated. It’s designed to radiate warmth and elegance with its shimmering lights that are so easily controlled via three switches on the ceiling canopy – including one dimmer switch!

The Final Word

The shape of the arms of this chandelier is also fascinating, as it allows the light to spread in a number of different ways. So whether you want an intimate or a brighter atmosphere, simply adjust its height for the best results!